In the last 4/5 years the theme of environmental sustainbility, has become a very important aspect in our lives and obviously it also affected the fur industry.

In the Luxury sector the most important thing is the supply of high quality row materials, and it is mandatory for companies to verify the adequacy of breeding standards and treatement of the resources involved.

The Braschi Company, thanks to its attenction at the quality of the suppliers in their production respecting specific laws,  has become one of the pillars of the fur world.

All this has been possible by adopting specific supply standards, such as: certification of farms, traceability of products, well-being of resources and absolute corporate transparency.


Our fundamental criteria in the choice of supplyings are:

1)HEALTH AND WELL-BEING OF THE FIRST MOTHERS, both are the most important requirements in the field of breeding.

2) CONDITIONS IN THE FARM, they live for the most part of their life outside in big places.   Internal hygiene must guarantee the welfare of both the farmer and the animal.

3) HIGH QUALITY BREEDING, we choose only the farms that comply with the regulations concerning this sector, and for us must have and maintain the quality we seek.

4) ECO-SUSTAINABILITY, we attach importance to the behaviour of the farm regarding the ecosystem, for all that concerns water, waste and renewable energy.

To conclude, we as a company Braschi invite you to re-evaluate the word “eco-fur”, referring to fake fur, the plastical ones, those that people usually call ecological but for sure they can be everything but not ecological.

Just think about how long it takes to disperse in the environment a fake fur, even thousands and thousands of years, then ending up in the oceans, lakes or rivers.

So for us, the term Eco-Fur  means the furs that are really eco-sustainable, so, the real ones, that ones that come from high quality raw materials, assessed at a global level, with an impact on the environment equal to 0, because nature marries nature.

If we had only used the resources and raw materials that mother nature have been given to us until now, the world would have been untouched, like a paradise.



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